Welcome to SYNERGY,
Our aim is to provide solid financial opportunities that slowly expand to encompass an empire of options that support your day-to-day living. We are a team of blockchain developers, enthusiasts, and businesspeople who have come together to make a new and unique all-around platform. It will connect the virtual world with everyday life, using the Binance Smart Chain.
Synergy started as a tweaked Tomb fork. Now, our financial structure will be based firstly on Genesis Pools to attract and grow the community into our exciting new project. As it expands, Synergy will have complex features from other parts of business industries and real-life investment opportunities.
Synergy will become a multi-layered protocol with many utilities for native and partner tokens and offers unique hand-drawn NFTs with adjustable utilities as well. The goal is to connect Crypto with everyday living occasions.
The ecosystem will push TERMINAL UTILITIES for the tokens as you can see in the category “UPCOMING FEATURES” and add real-life use cases for the future value and/or various investment opportunities. We will provide services such as Yield Optimizer, Lending Market, DEX, Stable Currency, Hedge Fund, Marketplace and many more along the way.
SynergyCOFP means "Crypto of people" and the main idea is to support ordinary life occasions and connect Crypto with the real world.
Our team is full of professionals and during our 8-year experience in the crypto world, we have collected numerous advanced features that prove its sustainability. This platform is being built on cutting-edge technology with fully integrated smart contracts that create a sustainable ecosystem for supporting everyday living and various investment opportunities.
We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you!
Last modified 4mo ago